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About us

The roots of our section go back to 2009 when a group of "madmen" started to take a winter bath in the Skałka pond. Over the years, the number of winter amateurs has constantly changed. Newcomers arrived. Many appeared to have gone after a dozen or so baths to disappear irretrievably, others returned after a long period, and worship remained faithful to winter baths to this day. At the moment our section counts a dozen people, regularly meeting to perform our ritual of common marauding. From 2014 we have the opportunity to use the "Skałka" eco-basin, located at ul. Parkowa 15. Thanks to that part of us, before the ice water, can do quite extreme sports such as ice swimming, ie swimming in water below 10o C. Each chooses the form of winter activity that suits him: only marinating or ice swimming.

Members of our club can be both residents of Świętochłowice and other cities.

Benefits of ice bath:

  • - hardening of the body (increase resistance to winter diseases),
  • - well-being (the seafarers tend not to suffer from depression),
  • - nicer skin (cellulite does not threaten us),
  • - burning calories (especially important for women),
  • - improved thermoregulation
  • (others are freezing while waiting for the bus and we enjoy the winter aura),
  • - improvement of cardiovascular performance.
If you are unsure whether your health is such an extreme sport as sailing and ice-skating, it is important to consult your GP.

Come see SEE TRY and stay with us!!!!!